You can't squeeze a full glass of juice with a single orange.

Branding & Visual Identity

Logotypes, Stationery, Brand Book & Guidelines, & more
Branding & Visual Identity Projects

Visual Identity

Visual identity and branding are two of the most important areas of design. You're not just coming up with a logo, you're also helping to forge an organization's identity.

  • Role: Brand Designer
  • Year: Not relevant

Tony Frank • Photographer

Website Design & Conception / Project Manager
Tony Frank Photograph - Website

Tony Frank - Website

It's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to work on such an ambitious project. It's amazing to see how much photos Tony has taken over the years. Every single photo feels like discovering another piece of history. From all the biggest french stars from the early 1960's, Johnny Hallyday, Serge Gainsbourg, Eddy Mitchell, Véronique Sanson, Renaud ... and nonetheless The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Queen, The WHO, Prince, Madonna, Black Sabbath, James Brown...

  • Url:
  • Client: Tony Frank - Paris, France
  • Role: Design & Conception, Project Manager

Print Design

Magazines, Catalogues, Flyer & more
Print Design Projects

Print Design

To screen or not to screen, Printing is the answer. Brochures, catalogues, magazines, advertisings, campains, packagings, annual reports, flyers, stickers, mailing, … you name it !

  • Clients: AUTOMOTOR France, FAXI, Eden Luxury Homes, Firstluxe, JB MARTIN, Lexon, …
  • Role: Art Direction, Design
  • Year: not relevant

Pedro Moleiro • Racing Pilot

Website Design & Conception
Pedro Moleiro - Racing Pilot - Instructor - Precision Driver

Pedro Moleiro - Website

Pedro Moleiro is an international racing driver, Driving Instructor and Precision Driver from Lisbon. His website was outdated and sadly left to rot for years. I was invited to a private event he was hosting and seized this opportunity to do something about it and he gave me carte blanche. Having so much liberty is of course priceless and a lot of pressure also. Thank you so much Pedro for your trust!

Digital Design

Websdesign, Presentations, Newsletters, …
Digital Design Projects

Digital Design

And then came then Digital Design, with its own confines and paradoxically unlimited boundaries. Designing websites, Apps, newsletters, presentations, interface or even single screens gives me a lot pleasure.

  • Clients: Automotor France, FAXI, Design Elysées, SmartFocus, Firstluxe, Marie Amar, PNM, …
  • Role: Art Direction, Design Team Manager

Automotive 360 Campain

Print & Digital Campain - Personal Work
Automotive Campain Projects

Automotive Campain 2020

Pushing things forward, thinking out of the box… is something I like. It was fun designing this campain even if my client didn't ask for anything.

  • Client: Automotor France
  • Role: Brand Designer

Yann Destal (Modjo) Live

Photo Story & Book Design
Yann Destal Live @ Showcase Paris France

Yann Destal Live @ Showcase Paris

I felt quite lucky when Yann Destal (Ex. Modjo) accepted the project I had in mind. I wanted to tell a story, something different from the usual 10.000 stage photos he already has. Thanks for letting me do this, it was an amazing night!

  • Client: Yann Destal
  • Role: Photography, Art Direction & Book Design


Personal Work
Photography Projects


It's kind of hard not to be sensitive to photography when you deal with it all day. I enjoy walking around with my camera and marveling at what everyday life has to offer.

  • Client: Personal Work
  • Role: Photography


Personal Work
Children Book - Mr Repeat


I've been reading the Mr. MEN collection to my son since he's born and thought it was time to pay a tribute to Roger Hargreaves & Adam Hargreaves for all those precious hours of fun I spent reading and learning with my son and for the many more precious moments to come. With the hope that this book will entertain you as much I took pleasure in doing it.
Thank you Mr Roger Hargreaves & Mr Adam Hargreaves.

  • Client: My son
  • Role: Original Story, Characters & Illustrations
  • Year: Not relevant

Repeat Bar Berlin

Complete Brand Design
Project Repeat Bar - Berlin


Located in the heart of Kreuzberg Berlin, repeat bar contacted me for a complete design starting from scratch. We started with all basic printed & digital marketing materials. It was exciting to devellop and create tools for them & to follow their growth during the last four years. They belong now to best undergrounds bars in town and it's always nice to get one of their unique drinks after a long day of work.

  • Url: launch website
  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Client: repeat bar - Berlin, Germany
  • Role: Brand Design & Management, Editorial Content


Bonjour ! My name is Benjamin and I am a freelance Brand Designer with 20 years experience. After years of working full-time in communication firms I decided to go freelance in order to be autonomous and pick and choose the projects I wish to work on. Different projects require different skills and I am adept at putting together a top team for any given project.

Personal Info

I live between Paris and Berlin with family in both countries. This double culture I grew up with, turned out to be a real asset in my personal life and even more within my frame of work. I studied product design and interior architecture. My interests besides design are photography, architecture, modern technologies, science, music, motorcycling and cooking.


AASSET Security, ADT, Ariane Espace, Art Élysées, AUTOMOTOR France, Bakker, BVB, Culture Espace, Dainese, FAXI, Eden Luxury Homes, SmartFocus, Firstluxe, Gugliotta Conseil, Helios Cloud, JB Martin, Kit & Coco, LCL, LEXON, Marie Amar, OptimiCDN, Paris Nord Moto, Radio FG, Rocket Fuel, StealthWorks, Thomas Cook, ThyssenKrupp, Web Venture, Women Management... and more